Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program

CELPIP is a special test that is designed for those who want to settle permanently in Canada. CELPIP is an English proficiency evaluation test which analyses the efficiency of test- takers in four modules that are listening, speaking, reading and writing. It provides accurate result regarding test-takers English abilities in a day to day situation like as communicating with other colleagues, understanding their viewpoints, predicting the situations and answering to the written materials.



First of all to get through the PTE test you need to improve the status of your Academic English. Pearson Test of English, offers a lot of study material both digitized and in printed form. Moreover, reading materials are also available to you on the internet and that too all for free. The stuff that is available to you will help you enhancing your grades in English language. Keep practicing with the applicable data.

Test Structure :

CELPIP is completely a computer- delivered test and the duration of the test is 3 hours in a single sitting. As it is a completely online test so it is easy to track how much time is left for other tasks.

Listening :

The duration of listening part is 47 Minutes. There are total 7 sections in this part and in these 7 sections consists of 39 Questions. Note: some questions are for future question bank purposes and do not carry any marks. Although, the test taker has to attempt all the questions.

Reading :

The reading section takes upto 60 Minutes, it is divided into 8 sections. In reading section a time slot will be opened for each question and the test taker has to attempt the question in that given time slot. Once the time is over you cannot attempted it. Also in reading section some questions are for future question bank purposes and do not carry any marks. Although, the test taker has to attempt all the questions.

Writing :

In writing part there are two tasks and you have to complete this task in 55 minutes. In the task 1 you need to write an email and the time slot of this task is 27 minutes. After the completion of this allotted time 27 minutes the window automatically switches over to task 2. In this task you need to respond to general survey questions. The time slot for task 2 is 27 – 28 minutes.

Speaking :

In CELPIP speaking is also a computer based test which takes 20 minutes and consist of 7-8 sections.


Each component of CELPIP is determined with CELPIP level from 1 to 12. There is a no fixed level to judge the pass or fail. The scores are calculated according to the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) levels.


CELPIP result is declared in 8 business days but through express rating, the result is declared in 3-4 days.

We provide the best coaching for CELPIP students with special books written by the tutors according to their efficiency. To evaluate the students, mock tests are conducted on a weekend basis and problems are discussed with them so that they do much better in the final exam. Along with this, presentations, group discussions, role plays are also conducted in the classroom for improving communication skills as this test is totally based on daily activities. Expert trainers also help learners about time management because it is very important so that one should complete his test without any inconvenience.